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Finley's story

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Many of you know and love our winery dog Finley. He is the centre of many tasting room conversations, so here's a bit of info about our favourite boy!

First and foremost, Finley is a beloved member of the family. But he also has important duties to carry out at Waterfire. His favourite and most important agricultural job is "pest control". Unwanted vineyard guests come in many forms with deer, birds, and raccoons as some of our most destructive neighbors. It's Finley's job to chase them off. He also enjoys working alongside us in the vineyard hunting voles, a small rodent that can kill entire grape vines.

While winery visitors are our top priority, it's clear to many guest that Finley has a lot on his mind. He likes to say hello, give a few seconds of love or a high five, and then he is right back to surveying his vineyard. As a herding breed mix, mostly Australian Shepherd and Cattle Dog, he has a deep need to 'work' and we think the life of a winery dog is a perfect fit for him.

When Fin is not working, he can be found loving on his family, chasing tennis balls, 'herding' large plastic jugs and over sized balls or playing with four legged tasting room visitors.

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