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Waterfire Does Sparkling

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Welcome to Pétillant Naturale, also known as Pét Nat or Méthode Ancestrale. Originating in France and dating back to to the 1600's, Pét Nat predates the method used to make champagne.

A Pét Nat is made using only the natural fermentation process, with no added sugar or disgorgement. The resulting bubbles are tiny, delicate, and playful.

The chemistry of our 2018 Grüner Veltliner lent well to this accent style and was destine to become WaterFire's first foray into sparkling wine.

Each bottle of this natural bubbly is unfiltered, leaving a golden hue of lees (spent yeast) which adds a richness and nutty flavor to the bright, citrus of our Grüner.

As a very limited release and a wine suited to 'drinking young', we encourage you to head over to our tasting room or to our online wine shop and claim a bottle for your next special night!


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