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Everything is important in winemaking — the fruit, the season, staying flexible, attending to every last detail — but nothing matters more than making people happy and keeping our land healthy. So join us for a tasting, a tour, a wine dinner, or a vacation. Experience Michigan's first Certified Sustainable wines.

A glass of wine in the sun
Welcome to WaterFire


WaterFire wines express our unparalleled commitment to the Great Lakes. As the first Certified Sustainable vineyard in the Midwest, we go to great lengths to protect the landscape around us, using no herbicides and low risk pesticides, minimizing impacts to air and water, caring for our employees and making some delicious and superior wines in the process. 


Our wines are fashioned in small batches from grapes we farm ourselves. We follow Certified Sustainable practices in the vineyard and exacting cellar standards to bring finessed and elegant flavors of the Torch Lake region directly to your table.

Off the Beaten Path


Removed from the busy wine trails, our little tasting room is small and intimate and our service is centered around you, our guests.

A nice overview of our balcony
Through the grape vine
Our Love for the Lakes

We combined our love of wine and of the lakes to build the WaterFire brand. What better way to showcase the caliber of wines that can be made in Michigan than to do so without harmful chemicals. Taste for yourself, in every glass of WaterFire wine.

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